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|  413567975
+61 413567975
|'''Number of Employees'''
|'''Number of Employees'''

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Company Details

Company Name Xodus Group
Logo Xodus.jpg
Address Level 5, 1 William St.
Contact Simon Allison
Email simon.r.allison@xodusgroup.com
Phone +61 413567975
Number of Employees 45
Web Page https://https://www.xodusgroup.com/
ABN 55 155 806 385

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

We are a leading global energy consultancy. We help our clients overcome challenges, add value to opportunity and maximise their return on investment, responsibly.

Project Development

We specialise in the early stage activities which can make the difference between success or failure of a development.

Our integrated teams support clients across the building blocks required to develop an energy project. From renewable sources and transmission through to hydrocarbon extraction, processing and utilisation, we can assist your business needs from environmental/social performance, project risk & economics through to facility design.

Operational Support

Flexible, responsive and multi-skilled teams that apply their unique breadth of combined knowledge to take a holistic and independent view and get to the real issues. Where appropriate we enable technology to achieve better business outcomes.

We provide data-enabled engineering and environmental services across:

• Performance monitoring & improvement

• Integrity monitoring

• Fitness for service & life extension

• Asset integrity management

• Safety, Environment & Risk management

• Regulatory compliance

As assets mature and market conditions change, we support asset holders and operations teams in developing and assuring their asset and portfolio through to eventual repurposing or decommissioning.


Our advisory mindset integrates the diverse breadth of multi-disciplinary technical and commercial expertise to advise governments, investment institutions (including project finance and private equity), supply chain and owners / developers / operators across the energy sector.

Energy Transition underpins our vision for a responsible energy future by linking the Project level to Portfolio level to Financing regarding emissions and carbon management.

Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

Example Projects