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Company Details

Company Name New Forge Engineering Pty Ltd
Logo Nf.jpg
Address Unit 3, 30 Juna Drive, Malaga 6090
Contact Andrew Day
Phone +61 400300934
Number of Employees 2
Web Page
ABN 23 637 024 321

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

New Forge is a leading Metal and High-performance plastics 3D printing company as a service.

With facilities in Western Australia and Queensland, New Forge has the resources and capabilities for 3D design, 3D Scanning, Rapid prototyping, Production runs and custom ad-hoc projects.

Established in 2019 at Malaga, Western Australia, New Forge has invested in the Markforged range of FDM printers and has become Australia’s distributor of Intamsys High-Temperature 3D Printers and Calibry 3D Scanners providing after-sales support, training and 3D printing as a service.

Using this high-quality technology, they can print a wide range of Metals including Copper, Stainless Steel, A2 Tool Steel, D2 Tool Steel, H13 Tool Steel and Inconel with more in development. For their plastic material range, they can print PEEK, PEKK, Ultem 1010, Ultem 9085, PEI, ABS, ASC, PC and Carbon Fibre variation including continuous Carbon Fibre strands.

3D Printing with New Forge helps you solve the problem of slow turnaround times often associated with traditional manufacturing methods, allowing shorter prototype cycles and faster time to market.

Using the latest technology allows them to manufacture complex geometric objects across a wide range of materials, previously not possible through traditional methods.

If you're looking to take advantage of Additive Manufacturing, leverage the experience of New Forge as a solution to your projects.

Call the sales team at New Forge today and see what they can do for you.

Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

3d Printers and Scanners Supply, 3D scanning

Example Projects