Matrix Composites and Engineering

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Company Details

Company Name Matrix Composites & Engineering
Logo Mat1.jpg
Address 150 Quill Way
Contact Tracy McLean Smith
Phone +61 8 94121200
Number of Employees 80
Web Page
ABN 54009435250

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

Matrix Composites & Engineering is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of advanced material solutions for the oil and gas, defence, civil and infrastructure, and mining and resources industries. With more than 20 years-experience, Matrix’s product portfolio includes an extensive range of surface and subsea solutions, such as:

  • The innovative Matrix LGS® VIV and drag reduction system
  • Matrix drill riser buoyancy designed, manufactured, and tested according to API 16F
  • Matrix distributed buoyancy designed, manufactured, and tested according to API 17L
  • The Matrix bandolier clamping range designed and manufactured to reduce installation times
  • Installation buoyancy for uplifts ranging from 10 to 150,000 kgs
  • Jumper and ROV buoyancy solutions.
  • The Humidur™ solvent-free epoxy coating range for long-term corrosion resistance.

Matrix’s head office in Henderson, Western Australia is home to Australia’s largest, most technologically advanced composite manufacturing facility. Certified to ISO 9001, the facility boasts the largest hyperbaric test centre in the Southern Hemisphere, centres of excellence in roto moulding and injection moulding and a large research and development office run by scientists and material engineers from a broad spectrum of disciplines.


Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

Injection, rota molding, composite layups, Vortex induced vibration, Hydrostatic Testing

Example Projects