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Company Details

Company name IHC IQIP
Logo Ihciqip.jpg
Address 9-11 Staple Street

Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073

Contact Doug Cleland
Email d.cleland@ihciqip.com
Phone +61 438 046 195
Number of Employees 10
Web Page http://www.ihciqip.com
ABN 51604309296
Memberships SEA, SICA

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

We provide solutions for upstream oil and gas projects, both surface and subsea, and in all water depths. IHC IQIP is the market leader for pile installation, structure lifting and handling equipment in the offshore market. This is appropriate to:

• Subsea infrastructure

• Mooring systems (floating production systems)

• Jackets

• Pipelines

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• Hydrohammer

• Internal Lifting Tool (ILT)

• Fast Frame

• Slotted Frame

• Pile Guide Frame

• Upending Frame

• Hydraulic Shackles

• Passive Heave Compensation

• Noise Mitigation

• Driveability Analysis

• Pile Design

• Fatigue Analysis

• Pipeline Recovery Tool (PRT)

• Suction Pile Lifting Tool

• Chain Clamp

• Buoyancy Clamp

• Waterhammer

Decommissioning (https://www.ihciqip.com/en/markets/decommissioning)

We are also involved in decommissioning, such as the removal of jackets and subsea infrastructure, which requires specialist equipment. For these unique challenges, we rely on our proven technology tailored to each task.

IHC IQIP designed the Decommissioning Internal Lifting Tools specifically for the Decommissioning market. In this market, we see that the structures that need decommissioning require larger capacities , due to extra material added during its operational life and the unknown weight additions due to environmental factors.

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Offshore Wind & Renewables (https://www.ihciqip.com/en/markets/offshore-wind-and-renewables)

Our extensive experience in the mooring of floating oil production systems also allows us to provide cost-effective piling spread packages and handling tools for the mooring of floating wind turbines.

Key solutions delivered by IHC IQIP, which are transferable to Offshore Oil & Gas in many applications:

• PULSE noise mitigation

• Integrated Monopile Installer

• Combi Lifting Spread

• Jacket Pile Grippers

• Pile Inclination Measuring Equipment

• Pre-Piling Templates

"No hands on deck"

Safe and efficient foundation installations. That is where our “No hands on deck” philosophy is all about. The Combi Lifting Spread is a perfect example of our philosophy. By introducing the Lifting Connector, less human intervention will be needed, which will reduce the risks and increase the safety on board. In addition, by optimising the critical path of the operation, reducing crane movements and vertical transfers and creating quick connections, this tool will increase your efficiency and reduce your installation time.


"Blue Piling"

BLUE Piling technology can be used to install the largest monopiles in the world, and reduces noise at the source during installation. This technology allows for very large pile diameters, making it perfectly suited for the next generation of monopiles.


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Track Records

Offshore Oil & Gas - https://www.ihciqip.com/-/media/ihc-iqip/downloads/updates-2019/ref_120trackrecordog-nov-2019.pdf Decommissioning - https://www.ihciqip.com/-/media/ihc-iqip/downloads/decom-folder-web.pdf Offshore Wind & Renewables - https://www.ihciqip.com/-/media/ihc-iqip/downloads/ref_offshorewindrenewables2017_web.pdf

Specialist Equipment

Example Projects