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Company Details

Company Name Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd
Logo Hm.jpg
Address 3 Alice Street, Bassendean
Contact Stephen Turner
Email Stephen.Turner@hofmannengineering.com
Phone +61 893795209
Number of Employees 400
Web Page https://www.hofmannengineering.com
ABN 39114806969

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd was established in 1969 as a family business by the two brothers John P and Erich F Hofmann. It has grown, developed and diversified to become one of Australia’s foremost manufacturers of specialist engineered equipment.

The Hofmann Group of Companies operate from sites in Australia, Chile, Peru, Canada, China and India.

Engineering excellence, innovation, quality and sustainability are the corner stones of the Hofmann business philosophy.

Key capabilities encompass high end design, product improvement manufacture, repair, refurbishment, onsite and emergency services of mining and industrial equipment, gearing for heavy and light industries, precision engineering products, valves, special purpose tooling, specialist production-line and processing equipment & tooling.

The Hofmann group has extensive capabilities incorporating leading technology. A clear example is welding of alloy steels in heavy formed sections and machining of large-diameter high precision gearing. Another example is the improve engineering of key mineral processing and mining equipment.

Its customers range from the world’s great resource and mining companies, various major international OEM’s, through to leaders in international aerospace and defence technology. Hofmann Engineering provides onsite expert services for equipment installation/commissioning and for RCA failure analysis and correction.

Heat Treatment for every purpose and condition, together with other allied and complementary engineering capabilities and facilities, which include a metallurgical laboratory, state of the art metrology equipment, electro-chemical plating and the experience & capability to undertake the largest of onsite repairs and in situ machining ensures a complete specialist manufacture service.

Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

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