Grant Transformers

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Company Details

Company name Grant Transformers
Logo Grantt.png
Address 89 Beringarra Ave
Contact Marco da Silva
Phone +61 410365289
Number of Employees 15
Web Page
ABN 42147864293

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

Grant Transformers is a transformer manufacturing and supply company based in Perth, Australia. Grant Transformers have been manufacturing a variety of transformers for their customers based on client specifications for sites throughout Australia and abroad. Our niche is that we can offer any variety of transformer based on customer needs for various applications. These include distribution transformers, power transformers both oil cooled and cast resin type, isolation transformers, auto transformers, motor start transformers, single phase transformers, three phase transformers, inductors, chokes and reactors. We can offer enclosed type transformers and open type transformers as well as epoxy type transformers. Our transformers are manufactured to strict quality guidelines. Grant Transformers have been manufacturing AC and DC transformers since 1931. Transformers are made to mining specification, switchboard specification, industrial specification, solar specification to name but a few. We strive to be a partner to our customer giving them the best possible advise and support.