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Company Details

Company Name Fastwave
Logo Fastwave.jpg
Address 3/15 Carbon Court, Osborne Park WA 6017
Contact nick daws
Number of Employees 6
Web Page
ABN 95 097 157 705

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

Established in 2001, Fastwave is a specialised systems integrator of data acquisition systems for monitoring, tracking and controlling remote sensor networks and equipment, with a focus on marine and subsea applications. Fastwave’s expertise includes electronic engineering, PCB design, satellite telemetry engineering, software development and wireless data systems integration. Fastwave offers integrated IOT and remote data acquisition systems. In 2005 Fastwave developed the world’s first large scale remote vehicle fleet tracking and safety system for use on a major gas pipeline construction project, resulting in several industry awards. In 2007 Fastwave developed a real-time marine environmental monitoring system for Woodside Energy, providing continuous acquisition of met-ocean and marine water quality data during subsea construction and dredging operations. This system was widely adopted by the oil & gas industry for subsea sensor monitoring applications, winning several major industry awards. In 2011 Fastwave began developing the Voyager, a long–endurance drifter buoy capable of providing near-real-time data from anywhere in the world. Since then the Voyager has been sold to oil & gas, government, research, naval and scientific institutions for oil spill response, oceanographic and Search and Rescue applications. A new, air deployable version of the Voyager is now in use with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and is being evaluated by similar organisations overseas. A Sonobuoy compliant version is currently under development for Anti-Submarine Warfare applications. Fastwave has developed sensor and communication payloads for marine autonomous surface and underwater vehicles such as the Wave Glider and Sea Glider.

Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

Search & Rescue, Telemetry service provider, PCB design and integration, subsea to surface to satellite data transmission, sensor integration , satellite and acoustic telemetry data transmission and fusion, airborne deployment of SAR/ASW sensors via Sonobuoy launchers

Example Projects