Cumulus Projects

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Company Details

Company Name Cumulus Projects
Logo Cumu.jpg
Contact Steven Cocks
Phone 0407172003
Number of Employees 3
Web Page
ABN 38 164 528 394

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

Cumulus Projects develop solutions for connected workers and remote operations, specialising in applications delivering 3D geometry and spatial data to mobile devices and connecting this to legacy information management systems via spatial digital twins. Developed for the subsea sector Cumulus has an increasing range of products;

  • Tracking valve movements on subsea infrastructure and integrating with campaign procedures.
  • Processing 3D models to develop digital twins of subsea infrastructure for view on web or mobile devices
  • Processing video from subsea campaigns via photogrammetry in 3D models for playback of ROV paths and integrating with digital twin

Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

Example Projects