Cetco Oilfield Services

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Company Details

Logo Cetco.png
Address 11 Ernest Clark Road Canning Vale WA 6155
Contact Matthew Bradnock
Email matthew.bradnock@mineralstech.com
Phone +61405549364
Number of Employees 9
Web Page https://www.cetcoenergyservices.com
ABN 85006800059

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

CETCO Oilfield Services specializes in the removal of hydrocarbons, solids, toxic materials and other contaminants from oilfield and industrial wastewater and utility streams. Our highly trained and experienced personnel optimize equipment and technologies to ensure our customers remain compliant with discharge regulations while reducing waste disposal costs. CETCO Oilfield Services provides a unique and effective service to help customers manage unusual or temporary situations or custom-built designs for permanent installation.

Drawing on years of experience in water and utility treatment, CETCO have designed a technology suite that meets a vast variety of flow rates, temperatures, pressures and mediums. Our offerings include filter skids, bulk and canister media for polishing, Hi-Flow coalescing, Induced and Dispersed Gas Floatation Units, Hydro cyclone and Solid Cyclone units, pumps and sparging tanks. Our technical service teams have extensive service and training experience. We have existing contracts and a proven track record with clients in Australia for service quality and safety.

Specialist Equipment

Process Equipment, Water Treatment Packages, SMI REPAIR PACKAGES - surface wellheads and valves, SCSSV and Control-Line leaks, to complex downhole leaks including tubing, casing, and micro-annular leaks, whether conventional or subsea

OIW, Pressure, Flow

Example Projects