Baker Hughes

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Company Details

Company Name Baker Hughes
Logo BH.png
Address 631 Karel Avenue, Jandakot
Contact Michael Lewis
Phone +61 (0) 435 636 737
Number of Employees >600
Web Page https://
ABN 65 009 080 951

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

Light well intervention , Completion work over systems, Sand clean out, scale removal, Fishing and milling, pipe recovery, valve installation, Inflatable and mech plugs, pipe evaluation , cement evaluation , corrosion logging, remedial cementing, perforating, zonal isolations, flow assurance, reservoir management.. or we just say ( wireline services, )Pressure pumping, through tubing, chemicals,

Acoustic leak detection (ROV deploy and fixed installations)

Well Evaluation

Wireline Products and services , Logging, Logging while drilling, Fluid analysis Geosciences and Petroleum engineering, cement evaluation , Pipe evaluation, corrosion logging, remedial cementing,


Drill bits, subsea and surface Drilling services, Drilling and completion fluids, Cementing services , Tubular services , BOPs, Blow out preventor


Liner Hangers, Multilateral Systems, Packers, Cementing, Flow control

Production and Optimization

Electric Fracturing solutions, Gas turbines, Artificial lift, sand cleanout, scale removal , perforation, perforating, Zonal isolation, Specialty chemicals and Stimulations, flow assurance, reservoir management

Well Intervention

Coil tubing, Wellbore clean up, Fishing services, Plug and abandonment, thru tubing intervention, IWOCS , scale removal ( mechanical & chemical), Inflatable and mechanical plugs , bridge plugs, Decommissioning, Wellhead severance - Mechanical ( Vessel and rig based options) , Light well intervention (LWI) [ 7 systems globally] , CWOR [5x 2 rental system], Choke flushing insert, flowline flushing caps


BH Abandonment best practice guidelines, Well abandonment gate processes, Well control ,NORM handling, Well examination, waste management, flow thru cutter, hydraulic pulling tool, Section milling without swarf to surface, hydraulic cutter with bridge plug , micro coil, liquid stone cementing, cementing additives, well abandonment, mastiff Rigless intervention, retriever jacking system ( casing jacking system), real time optimization, on-demand actuation, downhole evaluation, telecoil advanced barrier verification, integrity explorer, Bond view Seal, SIGNALs Surveillance , WASP Wellhead Abandonment Straddle Packer system ( cementing top hole , environmental barrier) , flushing caps

Services support

Acoustic data loggers, Leak detection, acoustic sand detectors ( ASD), Tree refurbishment and re configuration, pressure caps containment caps, Electrical Flying Lead ( EFL) design, flow assurance, prevention and control Hydrate control Offshore/deepwater solutions


Subsea trees, Production control systems, manifolds and pipeline products, Connection systems , Subsea power and processing , Installation and Commissioning, flexible pipe systems


Surface tree systems,

Pressure Pumping

Coil tubing, Pressure pumping , HPU's, foaming, spotting chemicals, cementing, Production Enhancement , Tubular running services, Acidizing, Sand Control, water Solutions fracturing, remove formation damage, casing and tubing running service, Bucking service, Nitrogen, flushing, dewatering, pigging, measurement and control


Internal corrosion control, Bacteria Control Sulfide Control ( H2s,mercaptans,iron sulphide) Reservoir souring, oxygen scavenging, corrosion monitoring, Paraffin and asphaltene remediation, prevention and control , Help meet environmental regulatory compliance Glycols (e.g. MEG, TEG) Methanol pH Modifiers Acids/ Bases Boiler and Water Treatment Products Mineral scale remediation, , Emulsion Breakers (forward and reverse emulsions) Gas well deliquification (foamers) Production enhancement programs such as wellbore remediation Antifoams

Technical expertise

Geoscience, petroleum engineer, Metallurgist , Geophysicist , Petro chemists, reservoirs engineers, production engineers chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, drilling engineers, completion engineers, Subsea Engineers, scientists, Welders, Technicians , fitters , electricians, Project management, Production technology, Production chemistry, Strategic and commercial models, Exploration management, Seismic Interpretation, reservoir characterizing, formation Evaluation, Geomechanics reservoir Performance Analysis , production analysis, Reservoir Optimization (Increase water, Decreasing oil, Water cut), Gaffney Cline,

Example Projects

Project Experience -- Decommissioning


BH was contracted by Hess UK to supply completion work-over riser, intervention work-over equipment, field service engineers and shore support for a 30 well subsea fields decom campaign.BH made a significant contribution to the success of the campaign, facilitating access to wells, interfacing systems, supplying open-water and In-riser equipment and deploying IWOCS and subsea wellhead tooling. BH’s agnostic capability is shown by recovering 12 GE & 18 Aker trees.

CNR Murchison, UKCS

BH was contracted by CNR UK Ltd. to remove conductors and casing strings under tight time constraints before top side removal.BH mobilized it’s Mastiff™ Rigless Intervention System, a modular lightweight unit working independent of the platform rig. 37 cuts were conducted on 23 wells and 28,000ft of conductor and casing successfully recovered SIMOPS and an integrated approach resulted in accelerating timeline and completing abandonments ahead of schedule.

BP Valhall, Norway

BH is currently contracted by BP for a very complex well abandonment scope of work due to subsidence challenges. A 31 well abandonment campaign where recovery of stuck tubulars requires multiple cut and pull operations or efficient milling. A project managed approach with aggressive NPT reduction effort, aligned incentives with simple KPIs, resulting in substantial cost reduction for the 23 wells to date. A world record 110m window was recently milled in a single trip. This campaign also includes another record of successfully cutting casing 30 times in a single trip.

Statoil TOGI, Norway

BH was contracted by Statoil to provide a subsea well abandonment solution for the Troll Oseberg Gas Injection wells in 984 ft. water depth. BH provided an integrated approach to address the scope and difficulty of the project. Deep well barriers were installed followed by cut and pull of casing strings, conductor and wash out sleeve. Multiple casing hangers required milling out. At the conclusion of the job, all wells were permanently plugged, BH ensured maximum efficiency, reduced HSE risk and resulted in flawless onsite execution with zero downtime.

Repsol Sinopec, UKCS

BH was contracted by RSR for isolating multiple suspended subsea wells (Cat 2) from a Light Well Intervention Vessel. BH provided its one-trip Wellhead Abandonment Straddle Packer (WASP) including perforating and cementing services. All four wells were successfully abandoned in 23 days. Providing a fully integrated solution delivered significant savings. The WASP system enabled the operator to perform the operation without the need for a drilling unit which was a significant cost saving.

Project Experience -- Fluid Stim

Fluid Stim project

5 wells in 25 days, campaigned kicked off 6 weeks from customer request  Estimated increase in production 70% after first well. Vessel contract was extended as result. ROI in 2-3 days Facilitated FI equipment sharing agreement between 2 operators. Excellent collaboration between PM, engineering, CoE, region technical, sales and operations team 

Fluid Stim project

Bespoke design, Fabricated, Commissioned & Operated a Fluid Stimulation Package for Tullow on the Jubilee and Ten’s Fields – TFMC Installed Base Completion of 2 campaigns, with a 3rd planned to incorporated OFS in one contract supply to increase oil recovery. The first well stimulated increased production by 9000 BOE per day, roughly a $675K per day value generation or an ROI of +750% on a one year basis