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Logo Ansto.jpg
Address New Illawarra Road

Lucas Heights NSW 2234

Contact Tom Creswell
Phone +61 424 037 869
Number of Employees 1000
Web Page
ABN 47 956 969 590

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is a statutory body of the Australian government, formed in 1987 to replace the Australian Atomic Energy Commission. Its head office and main facilities are in southern outskirts of Sydney at Lucas Heights, in the Sutherland Shire. ANSTO works across areas such as health, the environment and the nuclear fuel cycle to find solutions to some of the biggest questions in science for the benefit of all Australians. To find these solutions ANSTO operates much of Australia’s landmark infrastructure including one of the world’s most modern nuclear research reactors, OPAL; a comprehensive suite of neutron beam instruments; the Australian Synchrotron; the National Research Cyclotron; and the Centre for Accelerator Science. ANSTO also provides the Australian and international community with products and services to improve human health, support industry and protect the environment.

ANSTO conducts and enables inter-disciplinary research using nuclear and isotopic techniques to address some of Australia’s and the world’s most challenging environmental problems, focusing on water resource sustainability, climate change, and the impact of contaminants. ANSTO is working with the offshore oil and gas industry and associated stakeholders to assist with decommissioning planning. Offshore platforms and pipelines may contain residues of trace metals and naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) on internal surfaces and ANSTO are developing a framework to assess the potential impact to the environment and human consumers of seafood around such infrastructure. This will greatly aid the operator and regulator in conducting detailed risk assessments for different decommissioning options.

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