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Company Details

Company Name AMC Management
Logo Amc.jpg
Address 124 Quill Way, Henderson WA 6166
Contact Gordon Milner
Phone 0419948392
Number of Employees 20
Web Page https://
ABN 100 354 336

Subsea Markets

Company Overview

AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd (AMCM) are the Facility Manager of the Australian Marine Complex Common User Facility (AMCCUF) and Operator of the AMC CUF Floating Dock and Transfer System. They have been managing and operating the facility since it opened in 2003. They are responsible for marketing, operating and maintaining the CUF and are the first point of contact for access to the CUF.

AMCM is contracted through DevelopmentWA, the WA Government agency responsible for Government owned land. AMCM works with both State and Federal Government to develop the opportunities the facility brings to local industry.

They are internationally recognised as managing a centre of excellence for the delivery and through-life support of modules, pre-assemblies, complex equipment packages and ships for the oil and gas, resources and marine and defence industries.

AMCM personnel are experienced in the construction and operation of Large Made to Order Projects, and are available to provide support in a number of ways. AMCM personnel can:

  • Assist in the formulation of productivity-improving strategies for user projects;
  • Answer questions about the CUF's facilities and commercial principles to supplement information available on this website;
  • Advise on the availability of the different CUF facilities;
  • Provide presentations of the capabilities of the CUF and conduct site tours for both users and their clients;
  • Explain policies and requirements associated with health, safety, environment, operations and employee management for the facility; and
  • Suggest local contacts to help companies do business at the facility.

AMCM are committed to providing a quality service to clients and Users of the AMCCUF.

Specialist Equipment, Capabilities

Example Projects